Oven and Stove Repair vs. Replacement

Oct 23, 2022Repair0 comments

As with any home appliance, at some point, your range, oven, stove, or cooktop will need to be repaired or replaced. But how do you know when it’s time for a repair and when it’s time for a replacement? The following blog post will help guide you in making that decision.

Age of the Appliance: One of the main factors in deciding whether to repair or replace your range, oven, stove, or cooktop is the appliance’s age. If the appliance is less than five years old and under warranty, chances are you will only need to pay for labor costs as the parts will be covered under warranty. However, if the appliance is over five years old, it may not be worth repairing as the cost of labour and parts may be more than half the price of a brand-new unit.

Type of Problem: Another factor to consider is the type of problem you are experiencing with your range, oven, stove, or cooktop. For example, if you are having problems with the heating element, chances are good that a repair will take care of the problem. However, if you are having an issue with the control panel not working correctly, this is likely a sign that it needs to be replaced.

Frequency of Use: How often you use your range, oven, stove, or cooktop is also a consideration. If you only use it occasionally and it’s more than five years old, then replacing it may make more sense than repairing it, as there is no telling how long a repair may last. However, if you use it on a daily basis and it’s less than five years old and still under warranty, then paying for a repair may make more sense financially.

Making the decision to repair or replace your range, oven, stove, or cooktop can be difficult. But by considering the age of your appliance, the type of problem you are experiencing, and how often you use it, you can make an informed decision that makes sense for your wallet and your needs.

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