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HVAC Tune-up Golden Valley, AZ

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HVAC Tune-up Golden Valley, AZ

Can you imagine your life at home in harsh summers without an AC? With civilization, humans are prone to exposure to temperatures in Golden Valley that could reach 110°F. Though your AC may be in good condition and functioning well, it is worth tuning it up at least yearly. HVAC tune-up is all about maintenance. Just as humans go to the doctor for a routine check-up, the same applies to air-conditioners to prevent possible issues that may occur in the future. 

If you are searching for reliable HVAC Tune-up services in Golden Valley, Arizona, HVAC & Appliance Rebuilders offers incredible tune-up services like never before.


What Are the Steps Involved in HVAC Tune-Up Services?

Known as preventative HVAC maintenance, HVAC tune-up offers a step-by-step tuning service depending on the condition of your air-conditioner. 

Our team of professional HVAC systems begins our tune-up services with the following.


The first step of the tune-up process is where our technicians perform an HVAC tune-up. You can either space out the tune-up or the furnace and air-conditioner or contact an expert to perform an inspection. In both ways, our technician will inspect the systems so you will know the current performance. Our technician examines each part, including the furnace’s motor and compressor of your air-conditioner, observing the possibilities of wear and tear from regular use.

HVAC Cleaning:

The next step in the tune-up process includes furnace and air-conditioning cleaning. However, you can clean them both at a time or at a different time. Our team of HVAC & Appliance Rebuilders performs a regular cleaning of your HVAC parts.


It deals with the tune-up concerns of any signs of problems that our technicians detect during the inspection process. The servicing includes replacing a worn-out part that may cause more significant problems in the future. It could also extend to possible leakages that could lower the refrigerant level of your air conditioner. Our expert HVAC technicians replace that part of the air-conditioner with the same part to ensure the same functioning when installed in your residence or office. 

The Additional Steps of Our Tune-Up Services

  • Cleaning the condenser coils of the air-conditioner.
  • Inspection of ductwork.
  • Examining the blower’s motor and belt’s condition.
  • Make the electrical connections tight and check for exposed wiring.
  • Calibrating, leveling, and thermostat testing. 
  • Elimination of possible frictions by lubricating parts.


What HVAC tune-up services do we offer?

Tune-up services refer to HVAC maintenance, the definite way to maintain the health of your heating and cooling equipment. We understand that your HVAC heaters require regular tuning every fall and spring.  

Maintaining your Heating and AC Systems:

Refers to the first order of business and a complete system inspection. Our technicians identify and rectify potential threats which may function well at present but could cause HVAC breakdowns later. 

Furthermore, the technicians of HVAC & Appliance Rebuilders also replace the filter and clean the unit to eliminate the accumulated dirt and grime. Our tasks involve the following.

Examining Thermostats and Calibrating Controls:

Ensures that the thermostat gives an accurate reading and maintains the desired temperature settings.

Lubrication of the Moving Parts to Avoid Friction:

Lubrication of motors, bearings, and other parts reduces friction and enhances longevity.

Fix the Loose Contacts of the Electrical Connection:

Our technicians check for possible loose connections of electrical connections, signs of wear, or wiring damage and make them tight. In wear-out cases, we replace that part with the original one.

AC Tune-up in Golden Valley, AZ

 The tasks that we perform in AC Tune-up are-

  • Cleaning the condensate drain line and drain pan:

    Our technicians check for condensate drains and pans to eliminate the blockages, if any, and ensure their proper functioning to prevent water damage or mold growth.

  • Examining the level of refrigeration:

    It is the verification of the appropriate amount of refrigeration and the inspection of any leakage or any other issues with refrigerant lines. 

  • Aligning and cleansing blower components:

    Designed to clean and adjust blower components for proper air circulation and system. 

  • Making evaporator and condenser cooling coils spotless:

    Refers to making the condenser coils free from dirt debris and improving heat exchange efficiency. 

  • Heating Tune-up:

    Our heating tune-up includes services like Inspection of gas or oil connections and heat exchangers for cracks and leaks. Our technicians also check for burner combustion and gas or oil pressure to ensure they don’t get overheated.

  • Examine safety controls and switches:

    We test safety features for pressure switches, limit controls, and flame sensors to ensure proper function and abundant protection.

  • Evaluation of system performance:

    It includes measuring airflow, temperature rise, and overall efficiency to detect possible threats or improvement areas.

  • Inspection of ductwork:

    Our technicians examine the duct system adjacent to indoor units to identify obvious damage signs. It includes leakages, obstructions, or dust and debris accumulations that affect systems’ performance and air circulation.

  • Checking for combustion heating systems:

    Inspects burner assembly, heat exchanger, flue system, and gas connections for possible corrosion and damages. It includes the verification of proper combustion and ventilation for safe operations.

  • Checking the functionality of heat pumps:

    It comprises verifying the defrost cycle’s functionality and the reversing values.

  • Checking for unusual noises:

    Identifies abnormal sounds, if any, which may show damage to the system’s components.

  • Reviewing findings and recommendations:

    After the completion of tune-up services of HVAC, our technicians provide a summarized report with findings and recommendations for necessary repairs or adjustments for optimized system performance.

  • Between HVAC Tune-ups:

    Our technicians recommend that users check air filters every month to replace them when they get unclean. These services clear the areas of any debris, maintaining the outdoor unit level.  It also includes cut-back foliage three to six feet from the unit to ensure a smooth airflow.


Why Us?

At HVAC & Appliance Rebuilders, we believe that a stitch in time saves nine. It means that when the issues or their possibilities get identified, immediate action should be taken to avoid complications which could result in higher costs to rectify them. We ensure:

  • Improved energy, efficiency, and better quality of indoor air circulation.
  • More efficiency of energy.
  • Cost-effective repairs.
  • Enhanced comfort and safety.
  • Lower emissions of carbon.
  • Warranty compliance.
  • Cost-effective
  • Systematic process of tuning HVAC

Negligence of regular tune-ups could result in depleted efficiency, leading to poor air circulation, safety hazards, and a reduced lifespan. Regular tune-ups avoid all these threats.

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