| Heating Systems Repair Contractors in Golden Valley, Az

Heating Systems Repair Contractors in Golden Valley, Az

Heating System Repair Contractors in Golden Valley

It becomes very difficult to take care of the heating system at your home in your everyday busy life. This becomes even more difficult when you do not have the knowledge to fix the problems with your system and especially when you have no knowledge about the parts and functions of the heating system and how to use the tools. This can complicate your problem and this can even worsen your electricity bills. This is why you have us. 

HVAC & Appliance Rebuilders provides all the services related to your heating system with the help of our well-skilled team of professionals and experts who would deliver you the best of our services. You just need to place a call to reach us or schedule an appointment to take the help of our services.


HVAC & Appliance Rebuilders provides you with the best team of experts and professionals who are well-trained and well-skilled in the daily usage and functioning of your heating system. Your time is our main priority and our team of experts is extremely punctual in their timings and will be at your doorsteps at a very convenient time that you agree upon. We work to your satisfaction. Your satisfaction is another priority and our team of professionals give their best in delivering their services to you. They do so to see you smile and to bring happiness to your family. Our professional HVAC services are available in all areas of Golden Valley, Arizona and this keeps us location-flexible. This adds to better the standards of our services.


No one wants the recirculation of dirty air, breathing carbon monoxide, or wasting energy. By checking the entire heating system with the help of our professionals, we can easily assure you that your health is ensured and your home is safe. A well-maintained heater has its many upsides. A regular service visit by our experts will help to increase the overall life of your heating system. It will ensure the following things that are listed below.

  • Durability
  • Life span
  • Cleanliness
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Safety



Without the help of proper experience and without knowledge of how to use the tools, emergency heating repair services can become extremely complicated and can even become a very time-consuming affair. One should never subject oneself to the stressful and potentially hazardous mistakes of trying to fix the heating system all alone. With the use of guarantees or warranties and warranty cards on all the major services and their parts, we offer you the peace of mind that you need and the professional integrity that your situation deserves. Our team of specialists generally utilizes all the proven techniques and cutting-edge technologies to get your job done very smoothly.


When a heating system starts emitting odd smells, gradually fluctuates the on and off situations, fails to heat your home, creates a noisy environment, or will not power on, it is the very time to call an HVAC professional to get trusted repairs done on time.

  • Odd Smell from Heating System

A faintly smelly gas-powered heater is often a natural and normal situation. But if you are using a heater for the very first time in a while, the source of the scent may just be due to the accumulation of dirt and dust burning off. Nevertheless, we would recommend you stay vigilant and then place a call to our HVAC specialists to inspect the unit if the smell persists or continues to intensify. When the strong odors do not diminish over a certain period, it may be a situation in which you probably have a gas leak or something burning inside your unit.

  • Cold or Lukewarm Air Temperatures

When a heater is running, your house should warm up quickly and efficiently. If the thermostat is not properly functioning and you are still experiencing unclear conditions, an air leak in your ductwork may occur. This can occur in the air ducts that are generally largely invisible, running through your space. Our technicians at HVAC & Appliance Rebuilders know exactly where to investigate so that they can provide the necessary conditions for your ducts. Our technicians will never let cold drafts into your room and a complete wastage of electricity to ruin your winter.

  • Constant Thermostat Adjustments

Abruptly changing temperatures can be extremely harmful to your heating unit and the thermostat. When a heater is constantly turned on and off, it generally starts working harder, thereby sucking up more electricity and this poses a great threat to your heating system. Adjusting the thermostat very often can also cause the components of your heating unit to become worn down very quickly. This can lead to very expensive repairs and replacements.

  • Heater Has Trouble Starting

Your heater must turn on with very little effort. If you find that your unit is struggling to start, then it is time to find out the problem. This may be the result of having a dirty or faulty pilot, problems with the natural gas line, disconnected wiring, or even a damaged thermostat. It is extremely important to avoid installing a thermostat in direct sunlight, near hot appliances, or vents. By doing so, there may be differentiated temperature readings.

  • Discolored Pilot Light

Checking the pilot light is a very easy way to detect gas imbalances within your system. The color of a very healthy pilot light should be bluish, which would indicate that the ratio of the gasses is well-balanced within your system. When the pilot light is yellow, then this must be a situation for your concern. A yellow pilot light usually means that there is too much carbon monoxide or any type of ventilation problem. 

  • Persistent Noises

When a heater makes constant noise, then there must be some concerns regarding your system. The type of noise also helps in revealing the source of your problem. These are listed below.

  • Belt or fan issues
  • Warped fan blades and broken motors 
  • A decentered blower wheel 
  • A faulty gas valve 
  • Loose-fitting metal housing fasteners 
  • Compressor or fans with trapped debris 
  • Sheet metal air ducts 
  • Refrigerant leaks

Compressor Running Constantly 

When a heater keeps on turning on and off, it may be the case for short cycling. The common causes that are responsible for short cycling include the following.

  • Unevenly distributed or obstructed vents
  • An overheated thermostat
  • A dirty air filter restricting airflow
  • Condensate switch defects
  • A corroded flame sensor


  • Poor Air Quality

The air ducts will naturally collect dirt, allergens, and micro-organisms with time. When your heater turns on, the air will blow these unhealthy particles and this can lead to various respiratory problems. The ductwork of your system requires frequent maintenance to remove the dirt and dust to keep your home healthy.

  • Dirty Filters

The air filter can significantly improve air quality by blocking airborne pollutants and contaminants. We recommend you replace your air filter every one to three months. This will reduce your exposure to various irritants and this can make your heater even more energy efficient.

  • Inexplicable Increase in Energy Bills

When your heating system has any defect, it can be extremely costly for your energy bills. High electricity bills can be caused by duct leaks, dirty filters, faulty thermostats, and numerous other deficiencies. If you notice that your system has led to a tremendous increase in your monthly utility bill, you can give us a call. At HVAC & Appliance Rebuilders, our team works to your satisfaction, this can save you money.




The signs that tell that it is time for you to buy a new heating system are listed below.

  • Repairs Get Too Frequent and Too Costly

Over time, the repairs can cost you more. We advise you to track down the money that you spend on the maintenance of an old heater. Paying for numerous repairs to keep your aged and inefficient system running can be even more expensive than you think. Sometimes these costs can be extremely heavy on your wallet. Whenever you notice such a case, it is time for you to change and replace it with a new system. You can take the help of our professionals in doing this.

  • An Older Unit

If your heating system falls into the 15+ year category, it is wise to replace it with an updated unit. This will save you from the stress and frustration of increased costs and keep you safe from health and fire hazards. Fixing old units with obsolete replacement parts can be a very costly affair. You need to get an energy-efficient unit sooner if your system is extremely old. You can take the help of our experts who would suggest to you the brands we entrust upon. This will ensure us that you are safe and satisfied with your new system.

  • High Energy Costs

If your heating system leaks, overheats, or performs at a very inferior level, then there are chances that your monthly utility bills can quickly get ugly and can charge you more. Our preventative maintenance programs can help you out with this. Your appointment with our well-knowledgeable HVAC specialists will highly benefit you as they will clean, repair, and upgrade your unit to optimize the efficiency of your system.


It is always wise to replace a heater before your total system turns out to be a failure. You can avoid being left in the cold by paying close attention to the key performance issues and signs of the decline of your heating system. Our team at HVAC & Appliance Rebuilders can handle all the stages of your heating system installation, and they can even fix your ductwork. Our technicians generally follow manufacturer specifications and they generally work with great attention to extreme detail to ensure that everything works perfectly and is in proper shape.

HVAC & Appliance Rebuilders is a service where you can get what you want regarding your heating system. Once you place a call to us, our technicians will be at your doorsteps at the time you agree upon. You just need to take your phone and click on the CALL button. You can also book an appointment with our team of experts to take their suggestions regarding your system. So, what are you waiting for? Simply place a CALL and reach us!

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