| Common HVAC Problems and How to Fix Them

Common HVAC Problems and How to Fix Them

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Honeywell thermostats are the most reliable household devices to control temperature settings at home. You can schedule the heating and cooling in advance for a comfortable stay. There are various models of Honeywell thermostats available in the market, which come with adjustable settings.
But, just like other technological devices, your Honeywell home device thermostat can face an unexpected glitch, requiring its repair or reset.
This article will cover the reasons that require resetting the Honeywell thermostat and various steps to reset its different models, like without batteries, locked ones, factory settings, and much more.
Honeywell thermostats are a vital part of many HVAC systems and used to manage indoor temperatures effectively. Its different model comes up with different features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, precise temperature control, adjustable settings, and programmable schedules. But, if it fails to regulate the indoor temperature, then resetting it is the only solution.

Reasons for Honeywell Thermostat Reset

Honeywell thermostat reset can solve a variety of issues, arising due to the following reasons:

  • Thermostat’s programming
  • Connection issues
  • Inaccurate or inconsistent meter readings

Thus, resetting the thermostat will bring it back to its optimal functioning. But, before resetting it’s important to make the proper preparations. Always refer to the manual first, then turn off the power supply, note down the current settings, and gather all the tools that will be required for the process.

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Different Resetting Methods for Honeywell Thermostat

The resetting method may vary depending on the issue, its model type, and its performance. Here are the various methods that can be opted for resetting:

Soft Reset: This type of reset can be used when the thermostat has minor technical glitches or is unresponsive. This can be done by removing the thermostat from its base for some seconds and then reattaching it. This will help in refreshing the system, thereby restoring its normal operation.

Factory Reset: In case you want to completely restore the thermostat to its original settings, then this reset is used. It is done by opening the thermostat’s menu settings, navigating to the reset option, and then pressing confirmed to start the reset process. 

Wi-Fi Reset: In the case of smart thermostats that have Wi-Fi connectivity, this reset can be used to resolve connectivity issues. Disconnect the thermostat from the Wi-Fi network, and then reconnect it using the reset instruction manual. 

Hard Reset: If the issue is not resolved, then a hard reset may be needed. Look out for the thermostat’s circuit breaker or your electrical panel’s fuse and turn it off for some time. And once it’s turned on, the thermostat should get reset.

Well, these are just general resetting resorts; the proper resetting steps depend upon the model of your Honeywell thermostat. The model can be known from its product packaging or can be checked from the back of the wall plate or its resemblance online.

Now, let’s know the step-by-step guide to reset Honeywell thermostats – with battery, without battery, Pro series, and locked one.

Steps to Reset Honeywell Thermostat with Battery:

  • Remove the batteries and power off the thermostat first.
  • Then, put the batteries in the wrong way by keeping the negative with positive and the positive with negative.
  • Wait for a few seconds and then put the batteries back in the correct way.
  • The thermostat will be reset to its default settings.
  • Then you can reprogram it to your preferred settings.

Steps to Reset Honeywell Thermostat without Battery:

  • Look out for your thermostat’s circuit breaker or disconnect switch. Cut the power to the thermostat by turning it off.
  • Then remove the thermostat from its wall plate gently with force.
  • Wait for some time for the power to drain properly.
  • Then place the thermostat back to its wall plate securely.
  • Restore the power by turning back the disconnect switch or circuit breaker.
  • The thermostat will reset back to its default settings. Reconfigure it as per your need.

Steps to Reset Honeywell Pro Series Thermostat:

Resetting Pro series thermostats is an easy process and will resolve many issues.

  • Look out for the reset button which is usually near the display screen.
  • Use a small tool or a pen tip to press and hold down the reset button.
  • Keep it pressed for a few seconds till the screen goes blank.
  • Once the display comes back, release the reset button.
  • The thermostat will reset to its default settings. Now you can reconfigure it as per your preferred settings.

Steps to Reset Locked Honeywell Thermostat:

In case the thermostat gets locked and you are unable to set the temperature, then follow these steps:

  • Find the thermostat model first as it will help in finding the specific reset instructions for your device.
  • Look out for the reset button, which is usually near the main display or at the back of the cover panel.
  • Now, turn off the thermostat’s power by removing the batteries or disconnecting the circuit breaker.
  • Press and hold the reset button for a few seconds.
  • Then reconnect the power again or reinsert the batteries.
  • The thermostat will be reset to its default settings. Now, follow the instructions in the manual to reconfigure the settings.

Steps to Reset Honeywell Thermostat to its Factory Settings:

This should be the last resort when all other options don’t work.

  • Find the model as different models can have different reset procedures.
  • Turn off the thermostat by lowering the temperature settings to its lowest point or switching it off.
  • Look out for the advanced menu by following the manual of your thermostat.
  • Enter your model-specific reset code or the designated button sequence.
  • After inserting the reset code, give the confirmation and it will erase all the personalized settings.
  • After resetting, reconfigure your thermostat device to your preferred settings.

Make sure to always follow the steps and instructions based on your thermostat model manual. In case the problem is not resolved, then call an expert to reset your Honeywell thermostat.



Will the thermostat get reset after turning it off?
No, turning it off will not reset the thermostat. You will need to follow the proper manual instructions.
Why is my thermostat not working?
The thermostats can stop working suddenly due to dead batteries, power issues, or technical glitches. Check these issues or reset the device.
Why the thermostat is not changing the temperature?
Check if the device is set to your desired mode. If yes, then check for its programming and if the problem is not resolved, call for assistance.
How to do a factory reset of the thermostat?
Factory reset should be your last option and for this always follow your device manual.

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