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Privacy Policy

The information we share

Our partners are very important to us. We will share aggregated demographic information with them so that they can keep you up-to-date on all the latest happenings in your area, including events and deals tailored just for where you live!

We know how much hard work goes into running an event or business these days – especially if it’s small scale like ours is meant to be (our goal). That’s why we’ve made sure our data science team has everything necessary at their fingertips when collecting this info; after all there isn’t anything more valuable than knowing what’s going well right now… isn’t that right.

We understand that you want to maintain your privacy, and we never sell or disclose personal information without permission. We may share the data provided by visitors with service providers that we have retained for specific purposes, such as fulfilling orders or performing services on our behalf; however, these providers are legally bound not to use the info they receive except when necessary- like complying with legal requests. In addition, if it comes down to legal obligation, then there’s no other choice than share what information we have.
In summary: although yes -we will sometimes release identifying details belonging specifically to one person-, this does not often happen because customers generally value confidentiality, and so do we. There are many reasons to disclose, including preventing physical harm and financial loss. But the biggest reason is that it’s required when there has been an investigation into suspected or actual illegal activity. We do not take any of these situations lightly, and careful consideration will be given in every case.

The information we collect and how we use it

Do you want to know what information we collect and how it is used? For starters, the first time a customer contacts us through our contact form or fills out their request for an appointment, they must provide some basic details such as name, email address, and phone number. This way, if there are any questions about appointments/inquiries from clients, then these can get answered promptly by professionals working at this company!

Protecting your info

With any Internet website, it is not possible to guarantee that the site will not be or will be attacked. The information you provided may get compromised. But with Us and vendors’ reasonable administrative security measures in place on our part as well as theirs–to help protect against loss misuse etc., respectively-we hope these precautions are enough!

Tracking Technologies

We use browser cookies on this website to enhance your online experience. For example, when you come back after a long absence and are automatically redirected to your account page without having clicked the link in an email promoting us as one of many companies feeling guilty about their advertising strategies- that’s how it works!

We also rely heavily upon technology like “cookies,” which track users’ browsing habits but don’t collect personal information such as name or address so they can serve targeted ads based off past preferences instead.”

For those who want the ability to be in control of their cookies, there are ways. Most browsers will give you different options for managing and deleting them–whether it’s simply stopping acceptance or making sure no more than X exist at any given time!

Guest browsing is a fantastic way to learn about all sorts of new things, but it might be time for you to take the mystery out. CCS websites store information like visitor IP addresses and referring sites so they can track your interests! This means that even if there’s an active blocking technology on your computer (which most people have), we’ll still know what pages brought visitors in from other places- which gives us valuable insight into how users visit our website as well as their demographic info.

The input is about how we use IP addresses to analyse trends and gather broad demographic information for aggregate use. However, it does not go into detail as what these web beacons actually do! It would benefit from mentioning that they allow third parties such as advertisers or sponsors to access this same type of data on our users’ computers when downloading certain pages with them included tracking their movements around various websites where those advertisements appear too (e.g. Google Analytics).

CCS uses log files to store the data that is collected through web beacons. Logfile analysis not only helps us understand which advertisement brought users into our website, but it also tells providers who you are, what browser you’re using (and other information).
Cookie-based tracking enables companies like ours to get an understanding of how their advertisements perform across different devices while ensuring customers remain anonymous – all without sacrificing privacy!

CCS is the one who placed that cookie on your web browser, but they can’t see anything about you. They just know what site you’re visiting and how long it takes for people to finish their visit – all anonymously!
The information doesn’t even have a name or address associated with it- so there’s no way CCS would be able to identify any personal details if someone reported them doing something wrong. That being said, this technology does come at the expense of privacy since our data may include items like time spent scrolling through pages as well where nobody wants advertising campaigns popping up out nowhere while reading articles online.

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In short, when it comes to your sensitive information, we use encryption. But don’t worry! We also protect the less valuable data you store offline with these precautions: only employees who need access for certain jobs are given this privilege (for example, billing or customer service) and that computer server where such info resides keep them locked away in a secure environment behind password protected locks

We want to know how we can keep our customers and visitors informed about what information is being collected at this site. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us by contacting us.

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